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Google and Meta Win support Pacific Cable project


Dec 25, 2021 , ,
Google и Meta Win поддерживают проект Pacific Cable

Restrictions on data sharing

Facebook Meta Platforms Inc. and Google Alphabet Inc. have been urged by Us guards to establish a submarine cabling device that connects the US to Taiwan as well as the Philippines.

For Hong Kong partner Pacific Light Data Communication Co., which had earlier withdrawn its application to connect to Hong Kong, the company agreed to limit access to equipment and information.

Security officials advise the US regulator to approve the project

“These commitments allow Google and Meta to take control of basis of making cable capacity while preserving the confidentiality and safety of US citizens under conditions that reflect the current threat environment,” Matthew G. Olsen, assistant attorney general for the Court Department’s Homeland Security Division, replied.

The FCC has been instructed by security officials to authorize a cable that has no connection to Hong Kong.

“The administration’s recommendation gives us hope. This cable connection lets individuals keep informed and swap information by growing Internet connectivity between both 2 nations.

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