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Google closes $1 billion deal


Jan 14, 2022

Google shows faith in office with $1 billion London deal

Google, which employs 6,400 people in the UK, is planning a multi-million dollar refurbishment of its properties in St. Giles, central London, which it just purchased near Covent Garden.

Google revealed on Friday that it has paid $1 billion for a building in central London where it is now a tenant, demonstrating its confidence in the firm’s future as a working place.

Google plans to modify the area to make it more conducive to in-person interaction, such as introducing hybrid work meeting rooms and a more personal workstation.

Google has stated that its UK facilities, which include one currently under development in adjacent London’s King’s Cross, will be able to accommodate 10,000 employees in the future.

following the company, the planned makeover would have open inside workspaces for outdoor work.

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