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Google enters the foldable market.


May 11, 2023 ,
Google выходит на рынок складных устройств

$1,799 Google Pixel

The $1,799 entry-level Pixel foldable smartphone and home tablet is the latest effort by Google Alphabet Inc. to increase hardware sales in a market dominated by Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.

The device will be sold in the US, Germany, the UK, and Japan.

Google’s strategy, which up until now has been concentrated on reducing the cost of rival smartphones, has changed with the company’s entry into the more pricey foldable market.

The Pixel Fold is Google’s priciest phone to date and costs the same as the most recent Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which also has top-tier features like 512 GB of internal storage.

The business stated during its presentation that its foldable device’s distinguishing features include face unlock, a fingerprint scanner, screen, and camera technology, and a 24-hour battery life guarantee.

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