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Google is chasing Amazon in the cloud.


Oct 12, 2022 , ,
Google преследует Amazon и Microsoft в облаке с помощью искусственного интеллекта

Google announces new machines based on Intel processors.

To take market share away from rivals, Google Alphabet Inc. on Tuesday unveiled a wide variety of changes to its cloud services.

Vertex Al Vision, one of the brand-new services unveiled at the Google Next ’22 event, simplifies the usage of artificial intelligence tools like image recognition.

The company is strengthening its cloud infrastructure.

Google also claimed to have a Translation Hub service driven by AI that translates papers into 135 different languages.

By depending on a fourth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor and a unique Intel chip from Google, the company is strengthening its cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, Google has begun offering services in six more nations: Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden. The intention is to either create data centers there or collaborate with already-established businesses there.

Google is viewed as one of the strongest possibilities to develop as the main search business matures. The company ranks third in the cloud computing market, behind Amazon.com Inc. and Microsoft Corp.


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