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Google launches additional AI features


Mar 18, 2023 ,

To outpace competitors like Microsoft Corporation and startup OpenAI, Google has unveiled new AI-powered services for its cloud computing customers.

To entice AI firms to use their platforms, cloud computing giants are providing incentives and services.

Google Cloud is promoting itself as a more impartial computing platform, while Microsoft strengthens its partnership with OpenAI, whose technology is integrated into the Bing search engine. In addition to Google’s technology, Google Cloud will offer AI models from up-and-coming firms like Anthropic and Cohere.

The author of ChatGPT is working on an update that will allow you to customize the AI bot for an individual user.


In the event, the business demonstrated how cloud users can use its artificial intelligence (AI) tools to draft emails to coworkers, produce sales presentations and training materials, and take meeting notes.

To enable developers to create their apps utilizing Google technology, Google has also made several fundamental AI models available to them.

Several AI firms have signed up to use Google’s cloud service, which is owned by Alphabet Inc. These startups include AI21 and Midjourney, which both specialize in large language models and offer picture-generating systems.

In an interview, Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, stated, “We believe in a broad and thriving AI partner ecosystem.”

Vijay Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, praised Google for being the first business to develop artificial intelligence, but the tech giant has been fighting to retake the lead in the field ever since OpenAI unveiled its ChatGPT chatbot.


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