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Google will pay AFP a penalty for using its content


Nov 18, 2021
Google заплатит AFP штраф за использование своего контента

EU law on compulsory payment transactions

The first such agreement since the French regulator was sanctioned for its approach to negotiating payments for news organizations, Google has agreed to pay the French news agency France-Press for the use of its material.

Alphabet Inc. and AFP have finalized an agreement that will cover material in all EU nations for the next five years after months of discussions.

Google Receives Fine in July for Negotiating Approach

Google and Facebook have traditionally refused to pay the media for information that appears in their user feeds, such as news article snippets.

They were forced to engage into payment arrangements with regional magazines as a result of a 2019 EU judgement on “neighbouring rights.”

In January, Google and a group of French media publishers (excluding AFP) reached an initial deal, but in July, French competition regulators penalized Google 500 million euros ($ 593 million) for failing to work in good faith with news organizations.

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