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Huawei protests an EU directive


Jun 19, 2023 ,
Huawei протестует против директивы ЕС, направленной на поэтапный отказ от вендора

EU call based on discriminatory judgments

According to Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., the European Commission’s recommendation to exclude its cutting-edge wireless equipment from the EU market is motivated by bias.

The commission’s decision was based on the US ban.

After the US forbade Huawei from using a wide array of American technologies, including chip production machinery and smartphone software, the panel made its judgment.

As disagreements over Taiwan and competition for supremacy in technologies like artificial intelligence, chips, and quantum computing heat up, Washington is urging the EU to adopt a harder position against Beijing.

Huawei’s exclusion from EU business could dramatically lessen China’s sway in the area.


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