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IBM backs the launch of Japanese chips.


Jul 3, 2023 ,
IBM поддерживает запуск японского чипа, который он считает жизненно важным

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), a multinational corporation, stated in July 2023 that it would help chip manufacturing start-up Rapidus Corp. in Japan. This company’s contribution to IBM’s efforts to guarantee long-term worldwide supply is crucial.

Major Japanese electronics manufacturers are supporting the startup Rapidus Corp., which intends to manufacture 2nm processors using IBM-developed technology. The most cutting-edge semiconductors are currently made on a larger 3-nanometer node.

IBM is prepared to actively assist in the development of a production line for 2nm chips since it acknowledges the significance of Rapidus Corp.’s development. This assistance will guarantee a steady supply of chips around the world and encourage the creation of novel technology.

Significance of 2nm chips

New options for electrical devices are made possible by chips using 2nm node technology. You can make more powerful and compact gadgets thanks to their great performance, energy efficiency, and tiny size. In the modern world, when more and more powerful and energy-efficient computer systems are needed, this is particularly crucial.

The development of 2nm chips opens up new possibilities for fields like artificial intelligence, driverless cars, diagnostics, and more. It can increase performance and decrease the power consumption of gadgets, which is crucial for the advancement of technology.

IBM Support for Rapidus Corp.

As one of the top chip design and manufacturing firms, IBM has chosen to assist Rapidus Corp. in establishing the commercial production of 2-nanometer chips. The business supports the development of a production line, transfers technology, and offers consulting services.

Rapidus Corp. supports IBM with the expertise required to successfully implement the production of chips based on 2nm node technology. As a result, the Japanese business will be able to establish itself as a major participant in the market for producing innovative semiconductors and guarantee long-term supply across the globe.

Development prospects

A significant advance in the semiconductor industry’s development is the creation of 2nm chips. They enable you to build more sophisticated and effective gadgets and bring up new prospects for several sectors.

Shortly, Rapidus Corp. hopes to start producing 2nm chips on an industrial scale with IBM’s assistance. This will enable Japan to establish itself as a major player in the global semiconductor market and guarantee a steady supply of cutting-edge chips throughout the world.


IBM’s help towards the creation of Japanese chips A crucial first step in ensuring a steady supply of sophisticated semiconductors on a worldwide scale is Rapidus Corp. The performance and energy efficiency of devices can be enhanced by 2nm chip technology, which offers special prospects for many industries. Japan will be able to take a leading role in the global semiconductor market thanks to a collaboration between IBM and Rapidus Corp., which will also encourage the creation of cutting-edge technology.

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