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Implementing the Oracle Database in Ampere


Jun 29, 2023 ,
Внедрение базы данных Oracle на процессоры Ampere

Another blow against Intel Corp.’s technological hegemony in the lucrative data center business has been delivered by Oracle Corp., which recently revealed that its market-leading database software can now be utilized with a new type of CPU for the first time in decades.

The most recent version of the database software can now be used on servers containing Ampere Computing chips, according to a blog post by Oracle. Customers have the option of running the database on an Oracle cloud service or on internal servers equipped with Ampere processors that make use of Arm Ltd.’s UK-developed technology.

Benefits of Using Ampere Processors with the Oracle Database

Data centers that previously relied on Intel technology now have a new option thanks to Ampere Computing CPUs. Enterprises in the data processing industry now have new prospects thanks to the availability of the Oracle database on Ampere processors. Using Ampere processors with an Oracle database has the following advantages:

  1. Enhanced Performance: Ampere processors offer high performance and efficiency when working with the Oracle database. This allows businesses to process large amounts of data with lower latency.
  2. Cost Reduction: Using Ampere processors can reduce hardware and power costs because these processors consume less power and offer better performance than comparable Intel products.
  3. Scalable: Ampere processors are flexible and scalable, allowing enterprises to easily expand their database infrastructure as needed.

Challenging Intel’s dominance in the data center market

An important technological challenge for Intel in the data center business is the release of the Oracle database on Ampere CPUs. Before the introduction of competing products like Ampere CPUs, Intel served as the primary processor provider for these systems.

Oracle, one of the biggest database companies, provides a variety of business solutions. Customers can obtain high performance and flexibility in data processing thanks to the installation of the Oracle database on Ampere processors.


A unique approach to data processing was taken with the launch of the Oracle database on Ampere CPUs. This creates new opportunities for businesses in the data processing industry and contributes to Intel’s dominance in this market. Customers who can select from several processor options for their data processing systems will profit from the increased market competition that is anticipated to result from this.

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