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In China, an iPhone manufacturer has begun to use energy-saving techniques.


Oct 3, 2021
In China, an iPhone manufacturer has begun to use energy-saving techniques.

Pegatron is working to cut down on its energy usage.

China’s iPhone production activities have begun to minimize energy use due to a catastrophic power outage in the country, which resulted in regulatory restrictions for a number of enterprises.

Pegatron Corp., an Apple Inc. strategic partner and one of the company’s iPhone assemblers, revealed on Monday that it is putting in place energy-saving measures in conformity with local government regulations.

So yet, there hasn’t been much of an influence on iPhone production.

Apple phone makers, on the other hand, have escaped major production cuts so far and appear to have priority access to electricity to keep their facilities running. The fact that Apple’s suppliers are still operating signals that Beijing may decide to exclude the advanced industry sector from energy sanctions.

“Pegatron has done everything necessary to save water energy for many years,” the company said in a statement. “We have put in place a detailed plan to adapt to the current situation in order to minimize the impact on our operations and production capacity.”

While the iPhone supply chain appears to be holding up for the time being, senior Apple suppliers are keeping a careful eye on the situation.

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