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India renews its call on chip makers.


May 14, 2023
Индия возобновляет призыв к производителям чипов

Chip makers get a new chance to apply for incentives.

To promote domestic manufacturing, India is ready to relaunch its attempts to entice potential chipmakers to the nation.

New Delhi intends to reopen the $10 billion stimulus and aid application process.

India is trying to reduce its dependence on expensive imports.

India is collaborating with other nations, notably the US, to boost chip production to decrease its reliance on pricey imports and dependence on Taiwan and China.

The fact that no significant global chipmaker has yet moved their headquarters to the South Asian nation, despite the attempt, emphasizes how difficult it will be to alter the supply chain.

In the meantime, Indian chip demand is rising as electronics manufacturers establish assembly facilities there to lessen their reliance on China.

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