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Indian bankers are planning record IPO fees


Dec 29, 2021 ,
Индийские банкиры планируют рекордные комиссионные от IPO нс $18 млрд.

Spike in sales of primary shares

Financial institutions in India are gearing up for their greatest year yet, with roughly Rs 26 billion ($ 347 million) in fees expected from domestic IPOs, that are expected to achieve a new high in 2021.

Omikron, inflation and interest rate hikes – risks in 2022

Following data collated by Bloomberg, roughly 110 firms – ranging from online shopping to food and beauty shipping services – have offered stocks in Mumbai during the year, earning about $ 18 billion, more than four times the original 2017 record.

One 97 Communications Ltd., Zomato Ltd., and PB Fintech Ltd. were among the companies that powered the IPO boom, which began as the benchmark local stock market surged to a new high in October. The trend in Asia, particularly in India, where firms have gained around $ 181 billion for the year, is at an all-time high.

Jayasankar, director of Stock Financial System at Kotak Mahindra Capital Co. in Mumbai, stated, “It has been a very difficult year which I’ve never witnessed in my entire 30-year career.”

Aside from the projected mega-listing of the Indian state life insurance business, which might collect at minimum 400 billion rupees ($ 5.3 billion), many additional share sales are expected in India upcoming.

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