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Invest Engine Reviews


Feb 25, 2022
InvestEngine Отзывы

About the company:

Simon and Joanna Crookall co-founded InvestEngine Limited in 2019intending to outperformg competitive platforms offered to UK investors.

The trading platform is sleek, straightforward, and intuitive, with an easy-to-navigate user interface. Beginners will find the program incredibly user-friendly; you can simply examine and rebalance your portfolios, as well as withdraw or deposit funds from your account. Through its trading platform, the broker offers two major services: a do-it-yourself portfolio and a “managed” portfolio.

The company has a mobile app that is available for Apple (iOS) and Android (APK) smartphones. With a beautiful and user-friendly user interface, the mobile app offers many of the same functions as the web trading platform. A two-step login with biometric authentication is also available on the mobile platform.

Managed portfolio

A managed portfolio allows you to delegate portfolio management to the broker’s staff; all you have to do is pick between a growth or income portfolio and answer a few questions about your financial situation, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Income Portfolios give you a monthly payment of inferred variable income into your bank account. You may pick from a variety of portfolios with annual returns of up to 4%. The broker will also rebalance your account for you if you have a managed portfolio. This portfolio has a 0.25 percent fee and is designed for traders who want a hands-off approach.


InvestEngine’s over 150 ETFs span a variety of stock markets, bonds, and commodities, allowing you to invest solely in ETFs. Look Through is a new service from the broker that allows you to break down your whole portfolio or particular ETFs by asset type, sector, region, and firm. ETFs largely consist of bonds when it comes to portfolio income for a managed portfolio.

InvestEngine Отзывы

Trading fees

The company is a low-cost investment broker that offers a completely free DIY portfolio and charges a 0.25 percent commission for managed portfolios. When depositing or withdrawing money, there are no fees. For both purchasing and selling, each ETF has its own set of fees. For DIY portfolios, they range from 0.05 percent to 0.75 percent, with margins of 0.07 percent.

For managed income portfolios, the yearly platform charge is 0.25 percent, the average ETF fee is 0.27 percent, and the ETF spread cost is 0.09 percent, for a total of 0.61 percent. For managed growth portfolios, a platform fee of 0.25 percent, an ETF fee of 0.17 percent, and an ETF spread the cost of 0.04 percent total 0.46 percent.

Payment methods

Paying into your account is simple: simply type down your essential personal and financial information, then manually connect the bank account from which you wish to send payments. You may also utilize Open Banking to make a quick bank transfer. You may also set up a direct debit or a standing order if you wish to make regular deposits. Bank transfers or ACH transfers are the only methods of payment accepted; debit and credit card payments are not accepted. The minimum deposit is £100.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) [FRN 801128] regulates the company. Because the broker is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), consumers are protected up to £85,000 if the business collapses and is unable to pay claims. Investors may be certain that the company is adequately regulated and that their money is safe.

Additional features

  • To assess the health of your assets, you may obtain portfolio performance reports and data analyses. You may get a detailed analysis of your portfolio by industry if you use the analytics option.
  • To assist you in sticking to your investing strategy, the DIY Portfolio offers sophisticated one-click replenishments and rebalancings.
  • ETFs in DIY portfolios either reinvest or distribute dividends, paying them out to your cash balance as soon as they are received. Managed investments either reinvest in growth portfolios or pay for income portfolios automatically.
  • The Online Forum publishes a weekly blog that covers topics such as the broker’s app, general investing, and current events.

Account types

Clients can invest in ISA stocks and shares, which can provide larger returns than ISA cash. This account allows you to invest up to £20,000 every tax year. Capital gains and dividends are not taxed. Only managed portfolios are available. However, DIY ISAs will be available shortly. You can transfer an existing ISA to a broker and withdraw funds at any time, but there may be delays that reduce your return. Furthermore, adding it again will be regarded as a reinvestment, putting you above the £20,000 maximum.


A personal account does not have a maximum investment limit each tax year, but it does have a minimum investment limit of £100. Dividends over £2,000 are taxed, and there is a tax-free surcharge of £12,300. Both a DIY Portfolio and a Managed Portfolio are available for personal accounts. Although personal accounts are not taxed, you can withdraw funds at any moment without incurring a fee.


You may invest your company’s extra capital in ETFs to achieve better returns. There is no limit to the amount you can invest in a business account every tax year. Dividends and capital gains are taxed differently depending on the conditions of your firm. For business accounts, both DIY and managed portfolios are supported.

Account setup

It just takes a few minutes to sign up for an InvestEngine account. Select the “Get Started” icon on the website or in the app to get started. After that, you’ll need to register and fill out a variety of personal and financial information forms. After that, you may choose your preferred funding method and begin exploring the numerous portfolio alternatives available.

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