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Investment in electric cars rises


Dec 27, 2022 ,
Инвестиции в зарядку электромобилей приближаются к $100 млрд.

The amount of investment indicates the ability to solve industry problems.

By the end of this year, total investments in vehicle charging installations and equipment will total $62 billion, up 228% over the previous year, according to Bloomberg NEF data.

Over 600,000 public chargers built in China account for 61% of total investment in 2022.

The amount of investment worldwide in 2023 will exceed $100 billion.

If China keeps up its relentless pace, total investment globally is anticipated to surpass $100 billion in 2023, a significant milestone that suggests the sector’s shift to a new stage in its life cycle.

According to Jigar Shah from the US Loan Program, “the invested capital of $100 billion implies the potential to fix the systemic challenges of the business and gives access to inexpensive capital, which is necessary to eventually achieve the scale of $1 trillion.”


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