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Investous Reviews


Feb 25, 2022
Investous Отзывы

About the company:

Users may trade CFDs on a variety of products and classes at Investous, including Forex, indices, stocks, and commodities. IOS Investments Limited, based at 5 Cork Street in Belize City, Belize, owns and operates the corporation. The International Financial Services Commission of Belize also regulates (and licenses) the company.

Trading platform

The WebTrader online platform is simple to use, while the MT4 platform offers a smooth mobile trading experience, allowing users to make deals quickly and clearly in real-time.

Important data, tips, and tactics are available on each of these platforms to assist traders in making educated decisions. The Web Trader Platform depicted below demonstrates some of the platform’s functionality. Additional risk management choices are provided via the “Close at Profit” and “Close at Loss” checkboxes. These are the “stop-loss” and “take-profit” thresholds, respectively.

Between the buy and sell levels, an active spread is displayed, allowing traders to trade at the most favorable conditions. The whole amount of a new deal is displayed in the asset bar at the top of the trading area, allowing traders to keep track of their overall risk before initiating a trade.

Several technical indicators and tools are available on the chart, as well as the option to swap between periods to validate momentum or patterns.


Traders can choose from a variety of assets and marketplaces offered by the broker. Over 250 different financial products of various types are available to users. It doesn’t matter if you’re trading forex, CFDs, stocks, commodities, or indices.

Investous Отзывы


The underlying EUR/USD spread varies between 2.5 and 3 pips. With credit and debit cards, withdrawal costs are 3.5 percent, and a €10 service fee is charged regardless of whether any transactions or trading activity are taking place.

For FX trades, the maximum leverage permitted is 1:30. According to the newest ESNA (European Securities and Markets Authority) legislation, this applies to all account levels.

Demo account

The firm provides a risk-free trial account that allows customers to exchange $100,000 in virtual money. Demo accounts offer the same features and costs as genuine accounts. Beginner traders may use the demo account to practice, while experienced traders can test the platform to determine whether it is right for them. To create a sample account, users simply need to submit their name and email address.

Offers and promotions.

In addition to competitive spreads, the Education Center is aimed at assisting both rookie and expert traders in improving their trading techniques. Users may learn from and mimic the strategies of skilled traders, as well as receive advice and recommendations.

Additional features

The economic calendar, for example, is one of the characteristics that make the company stand apart. It acts as a real-time chronology of all essential economic news. This enables users to keep a watch on any prospective developments that might result in significant market volatility. This allows the user to profit from market occurrences by forecasting the result of certain news events. The live chat tool may also be used to discuss trade ideas with pros.

Account types

Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the four account kinds available. Spreads of 2.4 pips apply to the basic account, which needs a minimum deposit of $250. There is no maintenance cost after the Silver level, and customers get access to a variety of higher-level instructional resources. Gold and Platinum members can make free withdrawals, and Platinum members enjoy the best spreads.

Professional accounts

Professional accounts have higher leverage (1:200) but don’t have negative balance protection. In order to create a professional account, traders must satisfy specific criteria to demonstrate their experience and money.

Customer support

Customer service may be reached by calling +357 2526 2513 or sending an email to info@investous.com. Users may also use the website’s online form or ticket support system to contact customer service specialists.

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