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iPhone Pro standby time reaches a new peak


Dec 4, 2022 , ,
Время ожидания iPhone Pro достигло нового пика после заводских сбоев

Covid interrupted production at a key Zhengzhou plant in China.

iPhone 14 models are now available. As a result of COVID lockdowns and employee unrest at the company’s Zhengzhou plant, Apple Inc. is currently taking longer than ever.

Deliveries of Apple devices to customers can now take up to 37 days, according to Counterpoint Research.

Delivery times have significantly increased in all markets.

The Foxconn Zhengzhou demonstrations and the China COVID Zero policy have dealt the largest blows to Apple’s supply chain and Foxconn, respectively.

A scarcity of 6 million iPhone Pro devices is anticipated for Apple this year as a result of these setbacks and the extended delivery schedules, according to Bloomberg.

This year, Apple’s iPhone Pro models are more crucial than ever to the business since they help to make up for weak demand for the standard iPhone 14 series.

Due to inadequate demand, the company had to cut back its ambitions to introduce inexpensive gadgets earlier this month.

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