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IRobot drops after Amazon cuts its offer by 15%.


Jul 30, 2023 ,
IRobot падает после того, как Amazon снижает предложение на 15%

As merger testing proceeds, iRobot Corp. is reducing prices in response to Amazon.com Inc.’s announcement that it will reduce the price of purchasing robot vacuum maker Roomba due to new money received by the firm. The Seattle-based business announced that it will now pay $51.75 for each share, which is 15% less than the initial bid.

US and European regulators are looking into the proposed merger of iRobot Corp. and Amazon.com Inc. This is because there are worries that Amazon.com Inc. could end up with a monopoly in the robotics industry. Regulators are concerned that the combination won’t disrupt the market or harm consumers.

IRobot Corp. began to decline once the news of the Amazon.com Inc. offer reduction was released. A drop in supply may have an impact on the value of the company as a whole, so investors and traders are responding to this news. It might also have an impact on the merger’s legitimacy and its successful execution.

The merger between iRobot Corp. and Amazon.com Inc. may still have promising futures despite Amazon.com Inc.’s supply reduction. Both businesses are well-positioned in the robotics industry and can support one another. If the regulatory assessment is successful and the transaction closes, it may pave the way for even more cutting-edge and advanced robotics technologies.

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