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Japanese startup uses billions of dollars to create its own TSMC


Sep 12, 2023 , ,
Японский стартап использует миллиарды долларов для создания собственной TSMC

To establish Hokkaido as a hub of semiconductor innovation within ten years, Japan’s government-backed Rapidus Corporation is pleading with chip manufacturers, suppliers, and research institutions to locate there.

According to CEO Atsuyoshi Koike, the startup’s objective of developing cutting-edge semiconductors from scratch is part of a larger endeavor to develop an ecosystem similar to Silicon Valley. Rapidus imagines a coast-to-coast chip manufacturing hub with simple access to numerous ports.

By 2027, Rapidus plans to begin mass producing 2nm logic circuits, supported by billions in taxpayer money and well-known companies including Sony Group Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp. Japan’s chip production capability halted decades ago at outdated 40nm nodes, therefore the attempt would be a technological leap forward for the country.

The Tokyo-based company would concentrate on creating specialized chips, including low-power AI processors, rather than competing with global chip giants that generate vast volumes of general-purpose chips, according to Koike.

Hokkaido, which is one of Japan’s top producers of renewable energy and has an abundance of pure water, is the perfect location for a chip rebirth, according to him.

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