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Japanese stocks rise to the 1990 high.


May 16, 2023 , ,
Японские акции выросли до максимума 1990 года

The Japanese Topix index rises to its highest level.

The majority of Asian stocks increased, with Japan’s Topix index reaching its best level since 1990 on hopes that the third-largest economy in the world will outperform its contemporaries.

Investor sentiment is being boosted by new initiatives by Japanese firms to enhance buybacks and concentrate on results.

Investors with cash can lock in improved bond yields.

According to John Weil, chief global strategist at Nikko Asset Management Co., “Japan is viewed favorably by domestic and foreign investors relative to the US and Europe because it is not in an impending recession and has very low valuations.”

The two-year bond yield decreased by two basis points to slightly under 4% while the dollar’s strength was practically unchanged and Treasuries increased.

Bloomberg Economics’ Anna Wong predicts that this week’s US statistics will show even more economic weakness, supporting the Federal Reserve’s dovish stance amid decreasing inflation.

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