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Junk bond ETF raises the most money.


Jun 6, 2023 ,
Крупнейший ETF мусорных облигаций привлекает больше всего денег с 2020 года

The exchange-traded fund for junk bonds is growing at the fastest pace.

In response to a robust recovery in risky assets, investors invested money at the fastest rate in almost three years into the largest junk bond exchange-traded fund.

According to Bloomberg, this is the largest gain in a fixed-income ETF and the largest weekly inflow since November 2020.

The prospects for the junk bond market are not so dire.

According to Samana, the firm’s senior global strategist, “One possible bullish argument is that the economy is resilient today and investors may not have to worry about a recession until the end of the year.”

The forecast for the junk bond market is not that bad, but any recovery requires investors to be picky about the securities they purchase, according to Lindsay Rosner of PGIM Fixed Income.

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