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Kathy Wood buys Adobe as auctions drop.


Oct 16, 2022 , ,
Кэти Вуд покупает Adobe, поскольку ауции падают после сделки на $20 млрд.

Ark has bought shares twice since the Figma deal was announced.

The greatest decrease since the announcement of the acquisition of software start-up Figma Inc., occurred when Kathy Wood purchased another tranche of Adobe Inc. shares as they dropped to within striking distance of a mid-September low.

Wood’s Ark Investment Generation purchased 23,605 shares of Adobe through its Internet ETF.

Ark has owned 1,200 Adobe shares since mid-2021.

Analysts have downgraded Adobe’s stock, a longtime favorite on Wall Street that has lost more than half of its value since hitting an all-time high in November due to the company’s stock sell-off following its acquisition by Figma.

The primary Ark ETF is down 63% in 2022 after historically tight monetary policy and concerns over a worldwide economic slowdown stifled stock market gains.

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