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Leading analysts believe the real price of Bitcoin is $90,000


Oct 24, 2021
Leading analysts believe the real price of Bitcoin is $90,000

Cryptocurrency news

This cryptocurrency slowed its growth after reaching the absolute record, but leading analysts already estimate its next horizon at $100,000.

Now it is believed that Bitcoin is at a fairly low level of $60,000, but the situation is expected to change dramatically since there is already a fund in North America that trades futures on this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin moving up

Bitcoin reached the 63077 mark in trading on the Hong Kong exchange on Friday, while its maximum price reached $67,000 per coin on Wednesday.

Analysts are counting on a new Bitcoin high. Initially, this cryptocurrency is planned to fix at 72500, then Bitcoin will reach the price of 89000 dollars. At any rate, that’s how FUNDSTAR described Bitcoin’s rise in its report.

The record was set in the cryptocurrency mainly on the background of the news about American ETFs and the upcoming purchases of this coin by large investors.  Many analysts and ordinary traders are making their bold predictions about when Bitcoin will break the 100,000 mark. It is expected to happen at the end of the year.

There is a positive dynamics of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, primarily due to the establishment of a new price record, the near-term prospect of this cryptocurrency $ 89000 per one token, so said Kathy Stockton, who is the owner of the company Fairlead Strategies.

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