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League of Legends and Twitch streamers fuel Netflix’s latest hit

Лига легенд и стримеры Twitch подпитывают последний хит Netflix

Quickstart Arcane Anime on Netflix and Twitch

Tencent Holding Ltd. had a number of accomplishments over the weekend with her League of Legends franchise, including a stormy esports event that drew in more spectators than ever before and a solid debut of the new series on Netfix.

Arcane, an anime series inspired on the League’s fantasy realm, garnered a resoundingly enthusiastic response in China, with 130 million views in just a few hours and quickly becoming the most watched show on Tencent’s streaming platform.

League of Legends World Championship Set New Viewer Record

According to Esports Charts, the League of Legends World Championship had over 4 million simultaneous views earlier this weekend. The total number of views on the final night grew by 20% over the previous year, according to the streaming service.

Dalian Zeus Entertainment and Hangzhou Electric Soul have increased their daily limit by 10% as a result of this event, according to Weibo Corp.

Tencent has invested extensively in growing this dominant ecosystem into a broader and more interesting one. Tencent has long been a prominent gaming publisher and platform in China. To establish infrastructure, the corporation funds recruiting agencies, streaming services, including its own version of Trovo Live, and tournament organisers.

The synergistic benefits of events like Arcane, which use enormous built-in audiences to attract attention and then use that fame to bring additional players into the game, are crucial to strategy.

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