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LG introduces AI software.


Jul 19, 2023 , ,
LG представляет программное обеспечение с искусственным интеллектом

A new update to the AI-based software that the LG Group uses throughout all of its business units, from electronics to chemistry, has been released. This revision, known as Exaone 2.0, is a better iteration of the initial design unveiled in 2021.

Exaone 2.0 is an artificial intelligence (AI) model that can decipher photos and extract data in both Korean and English. A total of 350 million photos, 45 million patents, and abstracts were used to train the new version. As a result, Exaone 2.0 can handle and analyze massive amounts of data quickly, creating new potential for the LG Group’s many business areas.

To increase the effectiveness and accuracy of its operations, the LG Group intends to implement Exaone 2.0 across all of its business units.

You may enhance your electronic design and development processes using Exaone 2.0. This tool can quickly evaluate massive amounts of data and offer insightful information to enhance the quality of LG products because of its capacity to comprehend photos and research information.


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