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Mercedes exceeds its profit target.


Oct 26, 2022 , ,
Mercedes достигает цели по прибыли благодаря превышению спроса

The company sees steady sales of high-end models.

Mercedes-Benz AG increased its projections for the second time this year as demand outpaced supply despite the worsening of the global economic crisis.

The company stated that despite rising energy prices and ongoing supply chain issues, the outlook is supported by solid sales, particularly for high-end models, and competitive prices.

China is expected to offset weaker US and European supplies.

Weaker markets in the US and Europe are anticipated to be more than compensated for by much higher sales in China, where tax incentives for automobile purchases should increase demand after several stringent pandemic-related restrictions.

Overall, Mercedes has remained true to its prediction of a slight increase in worldwide deliveries this year. By 2025, Mercedes hopes to achieve operating margins of 14% in favorable conditions and at least 8% in unfavorable ones.

Following a spike in deliveries, yields at Mercedes’ core division increased to 14.5% in the three months ending in September.

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