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Mercedes is betting on the wind.


Oct 22, 2022 , ,
Mercedes is betting on the wind.

Plan your wind farm in Germany.

In the face of Europe’s energy crisis, Mercedes-Benz Group Group AG is placing a significant amount of faith in wind power to maintain operations.

Two enterprises will supply 40% of the company’s electricity.

The automaker will begin operating a sizable wind farm in the Baltic Sea as of 2027 under a contract it will sign with an energy provider. It also has plans to construct a wind farm at its test facility in northern Germany.

According to Ola Kallenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz, “These two projects alone will meet 40% of our electricity needs in the medium to long term.”

From the end of this year to 2023, European automakers may see a decrease in the production of more than 1 million vehicles every quarter.

In reaction to the continent’s backing for Ukraine, Russia has all but stopped supplying gas, leaving Europe’s largest economy rushing to fill storage and find alternate sources before winter sets in.


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