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Meta buzz about chatbots


Feb 27, 2023 ,
Meta поднимает шумиху о чат-ботах с новым инструментом для обучения систем ИИ

The LLa MA language model is not yet used in the company’s products.

To draw attention to its own technology in a market that has previously been dominated by internet competitors Google and Microsoft Corp., Meta Platforms Inc. has released a research tool for developing chatbots and other AI-based products.

Meta is committed to an open research model.

The LLaMA tool is Meta’s most recent offering in the field of big language models, which Mark Zuckerberg described on Instagram as showing potential for text generation, dialogue, summarizing textual content, and more difficult jobs like figuring out protein structures or mathematical theorems.

Facebook and Instagram do not currently use LLaMA, but the firm intends to make the technology available to AI researchers, the official added.


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