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Meta Calls Google to Apple App Privacy Rules


Feb 10, 2022
Meta призывает Google к правилам конфиденциальности приложений Apple

The Facebook owner hit hard by new rules

Because their social networks can’t obtain that much information on iPhone users, Meta Platforms Inc.’s income has increased by several billion dollars this year.

Last year, the business chastised Apple Inc. for the modifications, and now Meta is publicly urging Google Alphabet Inc. to do the same.

Google does not rely on third-party data for ad targeting

Under Apple’s new policy, the Facebook developer contends that Google Alphabet Inc., which also offers tailored advertisements on the iPhone, has an unfair edge.

Apps, such as Facebook, must ask users for permission to track them, but Google search results and the browser do not, prompting some marketers to move their budgets to Google for better targeting.

Meta has just recently begun to critique other tech behemoths. When a corporation is being investigated for antitrust violations all over the world, it can gain from portraying itself as an outsider threatened by larger forces.

However, due to changes at Apple, Meta warned investors that it expects to lose $10 billion in ad income in 2022, indicating that the firm has been struck the most.

To make its advertisements more successful, Facebook relies on data from other apps and websites, and without it, marketers would have to pay more money to obtain the same effects.

Because Google has its own Android mobile operating system and ad exchanges, unlike Facebook, it does not require third-party data for its advertising to function. Users’ search intents give enough data for Google-owned sites to successfully promote, which may motivate marketers to shift their ad budgets to Google rather than Facebook.

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