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Meta closes investigation into data breach.


Oct 3, 2022 , ,
Meta завершает расследование по утечки данных 533 миллионов пользователей

The Irish regulator has completed the draft Meta investigation.

As an investigation into the disclosure of the personal information of more than half a billion users last year comes to a close, Meta Platforms Inc. could be subject to a sizable fine.

The Irish Data Protection Commission has requested clearance from its EU counterparts for its draft investigative decision.

An investigation launched after the 2021 data leak

One of the largest US IT businesses, Meta, established an EU base in Ireland, making the local regulator their primary data breach watchdog.

The investigation was started in 2021 after news reports suggested that a matching collection of data had been posted online with Facebook users’ personal information.

“Unauthorized data extraction is prohibited by our policies and is unacceptable. According to a statement from Meta, to prevent scraping on our platform, we continue to invest in our systems and have worked closely with the Irish Data Protection Commission on this crucial topic.

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