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Meta, Google faces EU data block


Feb 18, 2022
Meta, Google сталкиваются с блокировкой данных ЕС

Irish regulator rules on terms of data contract

Severe Warning Europe’s exit could only be the beginning, as one of the region’s main privacy watchdogs seeks a solution that might freeze transatlantic data transfers and endanger billions of dollars in revenue for tech companies.

Meta warns it can disable Facebook

The Irish data protection authority, which regulates Silicon Valley’s tech guarantors, will shortly investigate the legality of Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s so-called standard contract conditions.

According to privacy experts, the impending judgment might eliminate one of Meta’s few remaining alternatives, as well as a thousand other businesses that rely on transferring vast amounts of commercial data over the Atlantic.

The controversy around the verdict is so intense that Meta cautioned in its most recent annual report that until it can employ SCC, it may not be able to sell its services in the EU, including Facebook and Instagram.

The corporation did, however, clarify that it was not threatening to quit Europe. “The stakes are just too high, and international commerce between Europe and the United States is far too essential to the lives of millions of people,” said Nick Clegg, Meta’s senior political officer.

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