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Meta launches a subscription service.


Apr 15, 2023 , ,

A new program called Meta Verified costs $11.99 per month.

Facebook Meta Platforms Inc. is introducing Meta Verified, a membership service with several added benefits and features, including account verification badges for those who pay.

The new subscription, which is primarily targeted at content producers, will cost $11.9 per month when purchased through the iOS app.

The option will be available on both Facebook and Instagram.

A Meta representative noted that the membership also comes with proactive account protection, access to account assistance, and enhanced visibility and reach.

According to the firm, “increased visibility will mean prominence in some areas of the platform, such as search, comments, and recommendations.”

To diversify their company, which is mainly dependent on advertising, social media firms have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Starting this week, Meta will test the subscription in Australia and New Zealand.

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