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Meta seeks secrets from over 100 companies


Sep 14, 2022 , ,
Meta ищет секреты более 100 компаний, чтобы выиграть антимонопольный иск

Meta requests documents from 132 companies

Meta Platforms Inc. claims that its rivals must reveal some of their most closely-guarded secrets to shield themselves from the federal government.

With a threat to demand information from up to 100 more businesses, Meta has sued 132 businesses, including Snap Inc., TikTok ByteDance Ltd., and Clubhouse, to produce papers.

Companies say Meta requests are excessive and offensive

The subpoenas have prompted several lawsuits from Meta’s rivals who claim that Meta is using an antitrust action as justification to look at their private information.

The lawsuits claim that Meta has asked for records about some of its most significant and sensitive commercial dealings with rivals, such as how they draw consumers, grow their product lines, and monetize features.

Meta also wants feedback, along with quality scores, contact information for their major advertisers, information on their techniques for stealing users from rivals, and other trade secrets.

Additionally, Meta has asked the FTC for a plethora of papers and has petitioned the court to get the agency to disclose its preliminary review of the 2012–2014 Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions.

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