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Meta touts the metaverse’s potential.


May 17, 2023 ,
Meta рекламирует потенциал Metaverse для профессионального обучения и образовании

Metaverse will transform professional learning.

By positioning the metaverse as a tool for workforce training, Meta Platforms Inc. intends to revive interest in the metaverse and demonstrate that the social media behemoth isn’t giving up on its VR goals even as artificial intelligence takes center stage.

Generative AI can coexist with the metaverse.

New firms have been created as a result of recent developments in artificial intelligence, particularly the generative AI that powers the well-known ChatGPT chatbot.

The objectives of the metaverse are advanced, not replaced, by the shifting cycle of hype. It’s not a tradeoff; we can accomplish both, according to Meta’s president of international relations, Nick Clegg.

According to him, AI is a more urgent concern for regulators than AR or VR because we have more time and are not in a rush to implement it.


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