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MetaX sues Meta Platforms for trademark infringement


Jul 20, 2022 ,
MetaX подаёт в суд на Meta Platforms за нарушение прав на товарный знак

MetaX claims it was destroyed when Facebook took its name

In a federal trademark infringement lawsuit, MetaX LLC claims that Facebook took its name and destroyed its business.

Competitor Meta Platforms Inc. stated that Facebook’s ability to do business in virtual reality has been hampered since October 2021, when it was renamed Meta Platforms.

Both companies provide augmented and virtual reality services

In a complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan, MetaX is seeking a permanent injunction against Meta Platforms from using the name “Meta,” as well as all of Meta Platforms’ profits from using the name “Meta.”

Justin Bolognino founded MetaX in 2010 as an immersive and experimental technology company that includes consulting, curating, and creating immersive events and exhibitions.

The company claims that Meta Platforms was aware of MetaX’s existence and operation prior to the name change. According to Meta Platforms, the two companies offer very different products and services and can coexist peacefully.

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