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Microsoft’s modified military goggles performed well in new tests.


Sep 14, 2023 , ,
Модифицированные армейские очки Microsoft хорошо сработали в новых испытаниях

Upgraded eyewear for warfare According to the US agency, Microsoft Corp. has received an order for another batch that will be utilized for important combat tests in 2025 after passing the first round of rigorous testing by soldiers.

Two teams of soldiers tested the IVAS 1.2 goggles’ dependability, low-light performance, and how well they fit without causing the same nausea and dizziness that delayed the rollout of the earlier goggles’ versions in late August after receiving the first 20 prototypes in late July.

During testing this month at Fort Drum, New York, devices based on the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses “demonstrated improvements in reliability, low-light sensor performance, and form factor, and feedback from soldiers was positive,” said spokesperson David Patterson.

Between April and June 2025, the new pre-production models will go through rigorous combat testing; if successful, this will result in the employment of goggles.

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