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Mitsubishi Motors suspends business in China


Jul 16, 2023 ,
Mitsubishi Motors приостанавливает бизнес в Китае из-за низких продаж

After several years of disappointing sales in a country that is fast transitioning to electric vehicles, Mitsubishi Motors has announced it will cease operations in China permanently and lay off personnel. After the Chinese automobile market became one of the most competitive in the world, this occurred.

One of the biggest firms in Japan, the Mitsubishi Group, which includes Mitsubishi Motors, was created in 1970. The company makes a variety of vehicles, including hybrids, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars.

Due to the poor sales of its cars in China, Mitsubishi Motors has experienced difficulties. Chinese buyers favor Geely, Changan, and Great Wall Motors because they are more affordable local brands. Additionally, even though electric cars are becoming more and more popular in the Chinese market, Mitsubishi Motors does not have enough of them on hand.

Mitsubishi Motors won’t entirely abandon the Chinese market despite its dismal sales. The company intends to concentrate on creating greener vehicles, such as electric and hybrid cars. The business also intends to improve ties with Chinese partners like Dongfeng Motor Group Co. and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.

Mitsubishi Motors has decided to halt operations in China as a result of weak sales and a shift to greener vehicles. There is fierce competition for market share among automakers in the Chinese vehicle market. To increase its market competitiveness, Mitsubishi Motors intends to concentrate on creating greener automobiles and fortify its ties with Chinese partners.

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