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Most important quarterly reports this week


Oct 25, 2021
Most important quarterly reports this week

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Investors expect Facebook and Amazon to show some slowdown in third-quarter growth in their reports.

 Facebook plans to report its earnings on Monday, Amazon as soon as next Thursday.

 It’s reporting season on the market, as for Facebook, its report plans to publish after the end of trading on Monday, Amazon, the leader in e-commerce will report its third-quarter results on Thursday after the market closes.

Below is a preview of the reports for these two companies


 Analysts expect Facebook to report $29.6 billion in revenue, up 38% from the company’s revenue announced in last year’s report for the same quarter. Compared to the previous quarter, revenue growth slowed by 56% however, this is due to last year’s decline in advertising revenue associated with certain restrictions imposed in connection with covid-19.

 After the failure of the snap campaign last Friday, investors are justifiably expecting a negative outlook on Facebook’s trading revenue for the next quarter. But, there is some possibility that Facebook will not lose out on revenue. Because, unlike Snap, Facebook has a large portion of its audience among desktop users.


Most important quarterly reports this week

Amazon- The leader in e-commerce may significantly reduce its performance this is due to some competing companies and a shortage of people. Investors speculate that Amazon’s market trends will lose some of its revenue. The question arises as to how much management is working on these issues, as it was clear back in the last period that there was a labor shortage and during the holiday season this will then give its negative result. Many retailers have made it clear in their quarterly reports that they do not expect these issues to be resolved until 2022.

 Nonetheless, Amazon expects third-quarter earnings growth of 10 16%, which will nevertheless mean that earnings growth will slow by nearly a third compared to last year.

 For Amazon, or more precisely for investors, not only the Q3 report will be important, but also the projections for the next Q4. The last quarter of the year is important for any company engaged in trading, because it is the Christmas holidays, during which the company shows very good profit. Can Amazon cope with the influx of orders, given the lack of labor?

 Leading global analysts are predicting that the company generated $142 billion in revenue in the last quarter of this year, and that will be at least 13% higher than revenues for the same period in 2020.

Let’s look forward to the quarterly reports from Facebook and Amazon on October 25 and 28.

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