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Movies and TV shows available for streaming jumped by 39%.

Количество фильмов и телешоу, доступных в потоковом режиме, подскочило на 39%

The number of movies available on streaming platforms has increased 39% over the last two years to 2.35 million, according to a survey published on Monday by market research firm Nielsen. The figures represent movies and television shows that can be found in the US, Canada, the UK, Mexico, and Germany.

There are now 167 streaming services, up from 118 two years ago, including Netflix and Disney+. According to the report, it now takes an average of more than 10 minutes to find something to watch, up from just over seven minutes in 2019.

The development of free, ad-supported streaming services like Paramount Global’s Pluto and Fox Corp.’s Tubi, according to Nielsen, is a contributing factor to the recent surge.

60% of all streaming time in the US in May was spent watching programs that debuted on broadcast television.

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