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Munich Motor Show highlights China’s competition

Автосалон в Мюнхене освещает конкуренцию Китая в гонках электромобилей

According to industry observers, European automakers must demonstrate their ability to compete with new Asian manufacturers in the electrical era across all areas, including supply chain management and product and financial strategy.

The majority (41%) of exhibitors at the exhibition this year are from Asia, with the proportion of Chinese businesses more than doubling, including key leaders in the battery and electric car industries like BYD, CATL, and XPeng.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Renault’s technical director, Gilles Le Borne, said, “Europe must stop being macro-naive in the face of China,” referring to the nation’s control over the whole battery supply chain.

At the Munich IAA Mobility Show, price competitiveness will be a major subject. Tesla will display its revised Model 3, which goes on sale in Europe in October for €42,990 ($46,400).

BMW will debut its Neue Klasse, while Mercedes-Benz will showcase its little CLA class. Both vehicles seek to reduce production costs by half while boosting range and efficiency.

The CUPRA brand show car was unveiled by Volkswagen on Sunday, and the corporation also revealed a new design-focused strategy: head designers would collaborate more closely with 10 brand executives to create deeper distinctiveness.

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