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NASA uses Canoo to carry astronauts to launch pad


Apr 5, 2022 ,
НАСА использует Canoo для доставки астронавтов на стартовую площадку

The agency is looking for vehicles for crews

NASA has chosen Canoo Inc., an electric truck manufacturer, to design vehicles that will transport humans to the launch pad for prospective trips to the Moon and Mars.

The $147,855 contract, revealed last week, would increase Canoo’s visibility as the company deals with a federal security inquiry and a staff exodus.

Startup faces federal investigation

Canoo will develop at least one vehicle to transport astronauts on Artemis flights the short distance from the training facility to the launch pad, according to the announcement.

The car has to be emission-free, have a minimum range of 50 miles (80 kilometers), and seat eight passengers.

Historically, crew trucks have been employed as advertising vehicles. Space Shuttle astronauts arrived at the launch pad in a modified Airstream trailer, whereas Tesla Inc. was utilized in Elon Musk’s SpaceX flights.

Canoo’s stock increased 1.8 percent in New York morning trade on Monday, following a 5 percent increase after hours, and is down 20 percent this year.

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