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New Zealand to increase investment in digital skills

Новая Зеландия планирует увеличить инвестиции в цифровые навыки

Invest to bridge the gap

New Zealand will increase its investments in the digital industry to develop skills and encourage local businesses to advertise their employees internationally.

“The government will set aside NZ $20 million ($13 million) from the budget over four years to assist the expansion of the Software-as-a-Service community,” said David Clark, Minister for the Digital Economy.

The government is addressing the lack of investment in the sector

“The SaaS community will be able to gain even more momentum and grow its network with the new funding.” It will also help give digital skills short courses, according to Clark.

New Zealand wants to address a lack of investment in technology education, which has resulted in skills shortages and driven numerous local businesses to look elsewhere for expertise.

“We understand that access to the appropriate individuals is essential for the digital sector to grow.” The key to future success is to teach our local talent the relevant skills and encourage New Zealanders to get involved, regardless of their background, “said the Minister for the Digital Economy.”

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