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Nio unveils second electric sedan to rival Tesla Model 3


Dec 20, 2021 ,
Nio представляет второй электрический седан, конкурирующий с Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Chinese competitor

Nio Inc., a Chinese electric car manufacturer, presented its second sedan, which will interact with Tesla’s best-selling prototype, the Model 3.

On Saturday, William Lee, the company’s founder, and CEO introduced the fully-electric ET5 automobile at the yearly Nio Day ceremony in Suzhou.

ET5 is a core Nio product

“The ET5 is our primary product since Nio was in the SUV market for a long time.” Lee told Bloomberg, “We were anticipating for a version with a more economical cost and a larger market base.”

At launch, the ET5 is priced at 380,000 yuan ($ 51,450) without government subsidies and 258,000 yuan with a rental battery. After subsidies, the entry-level Tesla prototype 3 costs 255,652 yuan in China.

The first and more expensive electric automobile, the Nio ET7, which Lee envisions as a contender to the Tesla Model S, will be available as early as September 2022. Nio is expected to launch a new electric car in 2022.

“Nio and Royal Dutch Shell Plc have created a strategic partnership to build infrastructure for battery replacement, charging, and energy storage in China, Europe, and the United States.” “If there is sufficient demand,” Lee remarked, “we do not rule out the possibility of constructing production elsewhere.”

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