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Nissan bets on proprietary battery technology


Apr 8, 2022 ,
Nissan делает ставку на собственные технологии для аккумуляторов

Next Generation Batteries

Nissan Motor Co. is betting that its more than a decade of experience developing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles will give it an advantage in the production of a new, but still relatively unproven, battery that was once thought to be the key to unlocking the future potential of electric vehicles.

By the fiscal year 2028, the Japanese company expects to offer a new type of battery to the market, and by 2024, a pilot plant will be ready.

Solid state batteries priced at $65 per kW. hour

According to auto executives and battery specialists, if solid-state batteries can be developed, they might open the door to cheaper, safer, and faster-charging electric vehicles.

Nissan believes it will be able to create solid-state batteries at a cost of $65 per kWh, which experts believe will bring EVs to price parity with gasoline-powered vehicles.

To create this sort of battery, you must first determine the car’s intended performance, then establish the battery’s needs, and lastly, the materials. The most difficult job for manufacturers is to create such a connection between the battery and the car.

Nissan is collaborating with several external partners, including NASA, to examine a wide range of solid-state battery material combinations using data and artificial intelligence.

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