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Now you can generate income on the exchange as well by trading Bitcoin futures contracts.


Oct 19, 2021
Now you can generate income on the exchange as well by trading Bitcoin futures contracts.

GCC WisdomTree the other day announced that it is now possible to trade through a commodity ETF futures on Bitcoin.

It has become known that this company’s managed fund has added about 3% to Bitcoin futures.

Thus, WisdomTree has become the first company to offer cryptocurrency futures trading.

GCC , which is the ticker of the WisdomTree managed fund, has a capitalization of about $180 million, despite the fact that it was launched only a year ago.

Investors get the opportunity through the contracts on the futures to trade in the market of agriculture, metals in industrial volume, as well as energy and some precious metals. According to the latest statistics, the return on this fund is about 24%.

In the last month the growth of the main cryptocurrency was 30%, of course, this is a consequence of the fact that now you can also engage in trading this cryptocurrency in the stock market. Also a big plus is that issuers will not oppose the Securities Commission in any way when launching cryptocurrency related products. This is because, according to regulators, ETF trading is safer and more controlled.

As early as Tuesday, another futures fund, ProShares, plans to launch its bitcoin fund on the NASDAQ exchange. It could start a chain reaction and other funds could follow suit. For example, in early February alone, more than 10 applications were filed for cryptocurrency futures ETFs.

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