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Nvidia aims to surpass Apple.


May 25, 2023 ,
Nvidia намерена превзойти Apple по рекордному приросту рыночной стоимости

Nvidia could be ready for a record-breaking one-day jump.

After increasing its prediction for the rising demand for chips used in artificial intelligence applications, Nvidia Corp. may be set for a historic one-day price increase for the US business.

Nvidia took off after a forecast that shattered expectations.

In after-market trading on Wednesday, shares of the company with the largest market capitalization in the semiconductor industry increased by 29%. According to the prediction, earnings would increase to $219 billion, reaching a record high of $974 billion.

This will outperform the $191 billion one-day increase of Apple Inc. in November 2016 and the marginally lower growth of Amazon.com Inc. in February 2016.

Nvidia is at least ranked second globally, but it hasn’t joined Amazon and Apple in the $1 trillion club.

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