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Nvidia allays concerns about chip shortages.


Aug 24, 2023 , ,
Nvidia развеивает опасения по поводу нехватки чипов во время бума ИИ

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia Corp., allayed one of the major concerns among investors when he recently issued an encouraging quarterly report that caused his company’s stock to soar: that chip manufacturing would not keep up with demand.

Even though Nvidia did not offer a long-term forecast on Wednesday, Huang predicted that shipments “will increase substantially through the end of this year and next. When it comes to component suppliers, the company depends on Samsung Electronics Co. and the Taiwan Semiconductor Company, and a shortage of sufficient stock is thought to be a barrier to its expansion.

When it comes to AI processors that can manage the demanding workloads needed to operate programs like ChatGPT OpenAI, Nvidia dominates the market. With a market valuation of more than $1 trillion, its position has made it the most valuable chipmaker in the world, and the transition to artificial intelligence is only getting started, according to Huang.

The key mega-theme, according to him, is that general-purpose computing is being replaced by accelerated computing in the world’s data centers. The co-founder of Nvidia thinks that these modifications need to be made because of a global data center infrastructure that is worth $1 trillion. Sales for the most recent quarter were $13.5 billion, more than doubling from the same period in 2017.

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