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Oanda Reviews


Mar 10, 2022
Oanda Отзывы

About the company:

Oanda was one of the earliest online forex brokers, having opened its doors in 1996. Investors may then trade spot FX and CFDs with him. Today, it is a well-established player in the forex market, with 124 trading products, corporate FX services, currency management systems, and exchange rate data for worldwide companies.

The company has clients in 196 countries and works out of eight global financial hubs. It has been granted licenses by a number of significant regulatory bodies, including:

  • Great Britain
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Australia

The FxTrade platform was the first completely automated forex trading platform, having been created in 2001.

Furthermore, Oanda’s minimum lot size is one unit of the underlying currency of the quote. They also provide a lot size calculator and micro-lots.

Spreads and commissions

High volatility, in particular, can expand spreads. The current and historical average spreads are also displayed, which could assuage some traders’ fears about hidden costs.

Watsa Narasimha, CEO of OANDA Global Group, backed this open approach, saying, “We feel that the retail market as a whole would benefit from a more transparent approach whereby brokers are held accountable for dubious statements or incorrect disclosures of their interests.”

When comparing Oanda’s spreads to those of agency brokers (those who don’t have a trading desk), one thing to keep in mind is that

Oanda Отзывы


The company provides leverage solutions for people who want to trade on margin. The maximum leverage for retail clients is regulated by the regulations in your location. All users, however, can decrease their leverage limit even more.

It’s also worth noting that, while margin trading might possibly raise earnings, it can also increase losses. As a result, many traders employ stop-loss orders to reduce possible losses while utilizing leverage.


Trading fees are straightforward and competitive. However, the business imposed an inactivity charge in September 2016. Fortunately, only individuals who haven’t traded in at least two years will be affected by this effective tax. Any changes in overnight (rollover) and financing fees will be posted on the official website.

Trading Platform


The chart may be used to trade immediately. You benefit from complex orders of all kinds, such as buying and selling.Account metrics are available to you. MultiCharts charts are included in this financial trading program, allowing for complex and sophisticated research and presentation styles. There are also watchlists, news feeds, and economic analyses available. Day Trading News from Oanda

On the other hand, several functionalities are missing from the platform. They view online pages in different browsers instead of using the platform to get news, forums, and economic analysis. All of these might obstruct smooth trade at times. Industry standards for server time and execution speed have been established.

The platform caters to the demands of traders of all skill levels.

API Libraries

You may also experiment with automatic trading if you have a membership. You may find Python API tutorials online to help you get the most out of your tools. You can make a lot more transactions with automated trading than you can with human trading. This also implies that you may trade various markets at once, such as gold and oil, as well as binary options and bitcoin CFDs.

When you enter and depart places, you can get notifications, and you can pre-program your criteria using Algo Labs. This allows you to obtain historical data, evaluate tick data, and design successful tactics in less time.

For experienced traders and technophiles, it can also help with the following:

  • Access to current and historical market data
  • Stop-Loss and Take-Profit
  • Risk-free testing
  • Trade inquiries

Metatrader 4

In addition, the Mt4 platform allows you to create swap rates as well as daily and monthly exchange rate charts.

On the other hand, creating or modifying expert advisors might be a tough undertaking. This is particularly true for rookie traders who are unfamiliar with the programming language. Although sound notifications can be irritating, there are customization choices available, as well as a mute button, so we can overlook this flaw.

Other excellent trading tools available at the company include:

MotiveWave is a professional charting and technical analysis program that includes 250 built-in studies and indicators, as well as 30 trading techniques. This high-performance, user-friendly program is a valuable addition to your trading arsenal.

This Autochartist-powered tool provides a market summary.The email is sent to traders the day before they begin their research. For the next 48 hours, market reports present a technical prognosis for the currency market.

It’s also simple to put together a forex order book, indicators, and a prospective strategy. This is not forbidden for people who wish to insure themselves. On the MT4 platform, you may see both long and short positions for the same product.

Mobile applications

Being able to enter and depart locations from your mobile phone or tablet might be quite beneficial if you are frequently on the road. The FxTrade mobile trading platform will impress anyone seeking a mobile or iPad review. Not to mention compatibility with a variety of devices, including iPhones and Windows Phone 8.

Trading tools, spread history, account statistics, and sophisticated order types are all available.

You may still trade straight from the charts, and you can add indicators and price overlays to your charts. You may also change the display styles to find a format that best suits your trading style. 

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