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Oppo abandons chip design


May 12, 2023 ,
Крупнейший китайский производитель смартфонов отказывается от дизайна чипов

The global smartphone market continues a protracted decline.

As the global smartphone market continues its protracted downturn, Oppo, the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, is closing its chip design division.

According to a corporate spokeswoman, “the company is closing its Zeku division due to uncertainty about the global economy and the mobile industry.”

Zeku develops the MariSilixon X image processing chip.

The MariSilixon X imaging chip, created by Zeku’s subsidiary and unveiled in late 2021, has been a mainstay of Oppo’s flagship products ever since.

Over the past year, Oppo’s shipments have decreased by double digits, and the business, like other manufacturers of smartphones, is dealing with a chip surplus.

According to IDC data, Oppo was the main brand that suffered the most in 2022, as the world’s largest smartphone market, China, had a significant decline in demand that lasted more than a year.

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