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Overview of KVB Company


Oct 5, 2021
Overview of KVB Company

KVB Kunlun Financial Group – with many functions including brokerage services operations: currency markets, securities and stocks, liquidity operations. It also deals with hedging, trust management, various developments for IT-sphere.

The company operates in several countries, including the Australian continent, New Zealand, Canada, China, including Hong Kong China and Taipei, as well as in some other countries.

What to trade with KVB?

Among the assets offered by the company, you can find currency pairs, gold, commodities, derivatives.  The company offers a range of services for risk allocation, transaction tracking, a lot of reporting tools.

Can I refer this brokerage company to a reliable organization?

This broker operates in several jurisdictions, therefore, operates under the supervision of regulators, security is based on individualized money management programs, safe hedging, planning systems that will be suitable for the client in any category.

The company has received awards in virtually every jurisdiction for excellence in its brokerage business.

The company prioritizes professional services for individual and institutional investors. The company is constantly evolving, monitoring the market, and conducting research. All this helps the broker to spread risks in the most effective way and offer its new services.

Platform for trading

Overview of KVB Company

KVB offers several trading solutions to its clients depending on their trading style, their client’s needs and the types of assets offered for trading. The company has developed its own trading platform which is called Forexstar. There are variants for the desktop computer and mobile version of the platform is also offered for the convenience of users. The basis of the platform is taken from the developer of MT4.

Also, if you prefer to trade on currency pairs, you will prefer the platform format eFX 2.0. Here, trading is done in real time, the quotes correspond to the exchange.

These platforms allow you to place orders in real time, as well as to conduct technical analysis.

The platform was originally developed in two languages: Chinese (one of the main offices is located in China) and English. The interface is comfortable enough even for a beginner and the opportunities and tools provided on this platform will cover all the key customer needs.

KVB Kulun develops and offers different financial products and also asset management and different funds. All trading instruments that are present on the platform allow you to work with more than 30 currency pairs, among the major indices to choose the best one, there are also futures and indices of Chinese exchanges.

The company has developed trading accounts based on the needs of various traders, for example forex trading is designed to trade primarily currency pairs, spirits and commodities. Another type of trading account will be useful for Forex corporate management, here you can use a certain set of solutions to work on currencies.

Commission costs and spreads

Due to its volumes and a special approach, the company offers low spreads, for example, for the most popular currency pairs EUR / USD, the spread is only 0.4 points and the commission will be at all 0 , only as for the leverage, its size depends by and large on the regulator, under which the company operates, this company operates in several jurisdictions, so, the leverage for different customers will be different, but at most its size reaches 1:200

Variants of depositing funds

Like any brokerage company, KVB is interested in attracting the financial flows that is why it offers its clients various ways of depositing their trading account. But nevertheless payment by credit card or transfer from the bank account remains the main way to deposit funds.

The company has a rather big entrance fee, to start trading activity it’s necessary to deposit a trading account for the amount equal or exceeding 1000 USD for individuals, for corporate clients everything is individual.


Based on the analysis of this company, we determined that thanks to its presence in different jurisdictions, thanks to its own development of risk minimization system, the use of its own developed trading platform, the company looks competitive, and convenient for clients. The company operates in strict accordance with the rules of the regulator, also uses internal company rules to improve service quality and minimize client risks. Fees are low and the number of instruments will satisfy even the most demanding client. At the expense of the high cost of the minimum deposit, first of all, the company will be interesting to traders with experience, than to beginners.

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