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PayPal helped spark antitrust complaint over Apple pay


May 3, 2022 ,
PayPal помог спровоцировать антимонопольную жалобу ЕС на платежи Apple

Complaint raises European Commission concern

The European Commission expressed alarm when PayPal Holdings Inc. assisted in the filing of a formal antitrust lawsuit against Apple Inc. and its iPhone payment system.

European authorities issued a declaration of protest against Apple on Monday, arguing that the iPhone manufacturer is abusing its power over mobile payments.

Apple Pay supports 2,500 banks in Europe

The concern is about corporations using the iPhone’s one-touch payment features exclusively for their own Apple Pay service, rather than allowing other payment systems to use the functionality.

PayPal already has a one-touch payment on Android phones and wants to bring it to Apple’s iPhones.

Apple defends its strategy, claiming that Apple Pay competitors, such as PayPal, are nevertheless popular on the iPhone despite the lack of one-touch payment.

Apple Pay supports 2,500 banks across Europe, but the company said it will continue to work with the European Commission to guarantee that European customers may use their preferred payment method in a safe and secure environment.

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